What is the OnStat Onboard Computer system?

The OnStat Computer is a high tech mini computer that will allow you to record your r/c cars run and display back the results on your desktop or laptop computer. Monitor peak rpm, traction, mph, average rpm and more. OnStat samples your rear wheel rpm 20 times a second (every 50 milliseconds) for up to 6 seconds of a total run. 

What about installing the unit in my r/c car?

Any r/c drag car can accommodate the system. Which has an onboard computer, infrared disk sensor and trigger disk. There are only two wires to connect to your servo battery pack positive and negative (6V min. required). The computer is mounted in a safe place on your chassis normally around the rear pod area, although you can specify a longer sensor wire on your unit and mount the computer anywhere on your chassis. The trigger disk is mounted on your rear final drive axle and secured with a tiny set screw.

How do I use the OnStat system?

RACE MODE: The computer is programmed to record your rpm's after sensing any movement at the rear wheels. After staging the car  the computer is placed in race mode. A bicolor led will flash red then pause for 1/2 second and flash green again. The computer is then in monitor mode waiting for movement at the rear wheels. The computer will stay in monitor as long as your car doesn't move or the computer is not turned off. (OnStat ver. 4.0 firmware)

TACH MODE: The OnStat Onboard Computer has an added feature that allows the user to connect the car to the laptop and view a real time tachometer display. This can be used for such things as warm-ups and motor break-ins. Place the switch in TACH mode, connect the download cable to the OnStat Computer and your laptop. Click on RPM Readout and a real time rpm display is provided. Place the OnStat Onboard Computer in TACH mode, the LED will flash RED and begin to flash RED rapidly indicating TACH mode is active. (This feature is not available on some Onboard systems based on firmware).

How do I get the run out of the OnStat Computer to my desktop or laptop?

You must first install the OnStat software on your computer, the software is Win 95, 98, 2000, Me, XP, and Vista compatible (view screen snap shot). Once your car records a run the bicolor led will flash red every 5 seconds to alert you that a run is recorded. Connect your cars OnStat computer to your desktop or laptop com port by using the supplied download cable and click on the download button, 20 seconds later your run will be displayed on your computer screen.

What can I do after the run is downloaded?

After the run is downloaded to your computer, you can input information about your car. You can enter your e.t., mph, 6ft time, 66ft time, pinion gear, spur gear, motor, battery, tire diameter. The program will use your input information to calculate acceleration, roll out, gear ratio, traction percentage. The program displays the rear wheel rpm, average rpm, peak rpm, motor rpm (based on gear ratio) as well as calculating mph. There is also a notes box to enter information such as track conditions, weather etc...

How do I know what my car is doing?

The OnStat software is equipped with a time base cursor that you can move across the screen to view rpm at various time intervals. The cursor covers from .05 sec to 6 sec., with .05 second increments. Since most 1/10 scale cars run below 3 seconds the software can be configured to display only 3 second time span. Although the data is still intact to view 6 full seconds if needed. 6 seconds time span is primarily for 1/4 scale cars.

What features can improve my cars performance?

After entering all of your race data you can save the run with all the information to a file on your computers hard disk or floppy disk for future reference. The OnStat program will allow you to display two separate runs at the same time, while displaying the rpm and all other information for each run. Thereby allowing you to compare runs and see how changes to your car actually effect the performance of your car.

What kind of support do you provide?

The OnStat Onboard Computer is warranted for one full year from defects due to parts or software problems. OnStat also offers free lifetime updates to the software program if any enhancements are made available (currently on 6th update). Free 24 hr. technical support via email at support@onstatracing.com