The OnStat Trackside Dyno - $1199.00

shipping (continental U.S.) & usb to serial adapter included - email for availability





Presenting the OnStat Trackside Dyno.

The Ultimate Tuning Tool for the Serious R/C Racer

Flywheel Dyno measures rear wheel H.P, Torque, and RPM


Designed to be used at the track between rounds.

And in the shop when no one is watching!

Easily setup in minutes for full blown dyno sessions.



Dyno Test Setup


The test car is attached to the dyno via the machined

coupling. The coupling is split and keyed for positive

location connection from car to dyno. The test car is

started in the normal manner (i.e. bump box) and then

gently coupled to the dyno via the machined coupling.


To perform a dyno test the user controls the car exactly

like making a run at the track .After a warm up and clear out

the dyno is switched on after a series of LED indicator lights

are flashed the car is ran from a full stop condition to a

full throttle condition for approx. 2-3  seconds.

The OnStat Dyno is capable of recording a test for a

maximum of 6 seconds if needed.

Software Overview


Software allows user to graph two separate

dyno tests and compare each test data for

 H.P. TORQUE, and RPM. Analog gauges display

Max percentages of H.P. TORQUE and RPM

throughout duration of the test.


A time lapse cursor is used to display data at

50 millisecond intervals (20 times per second).

Save each test and record data pertaining

to individual setups and combinations.


Store data for gear ratios, clutch setups, fuel, weather

conditions and more. Monitor car performance and

characteristics just like the car is making a run.

Actually see how your driveline reacts and

performs under real load conditions.